Welcome to the second post of the CSSU Blog our weekly blog series with news, events, tips and everything else you need to know. For those of you who don’t know what this is you can find my first post here. As always thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

‘Tis the season for midterms, assignments, and all the “wonderful” things that make up university life. While the weather has been cooling down, your coursework has been heating up and the CSSU has been busy making plans for lots of events and activities to give you a break.

With all of these tests, assignments, and coursework, you can feel overwhelmed. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself; stress is serious. You can visit our health page for health resources and if you ever need a place to relax the CSSU is here.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s content:


  1. The CSSU is having its first open General Member Meeting of the year on Thursday Oct. 18th from 5pm - 6:30pm. The executives and general council will be speaking about the work they have been doing this semester, we hope you’ll come out and make your voice heard. (There will be a full recap written by a guest writer in next week’s post so look forward to it)
  2. The University of Toronto is currently reviewing all Convocations and a group of CS students have spearheaded a campaign to get the university to add a CS convocation similar to Rotman’s and the DCS’s 50th anniversary convocation. Current Signature Count (as of writing) is 444 signatures. You can read the full petition and sign here. Also leave your written comments with the committee on their site here.
  3. Konrad Group is offering two $2,000 scholarships to third and fourth year Computer Science students. The Digital Innovation Scholarship is open to undergraduate students in the computer science field who are interested in pursuing a career in digital technology. The Women in Technology Scholarship is designed for female undergraduate Computer Science student who’s interested in pursuing a career in digital technology. For more information visit here. Applications are due Oct 22, 2018.
  4. In more scholarship news, the Canada Chinese Computer Association Scholarship in Computer Science is taking applications. For requirements and application details click here. Applications are due Wed Oct 31, 2018.
  5. Google has a bunch of scholarships open for applications. (Way too many for me to list so I’m going to save time and let you click the link to read it).
  6. In non-scholarship news, for the sci-fi/Frankenstein fans, St. Michael’s College is having a week long series of events celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein (the book). From Oct 24-31 2018. For more details read the poster.


Upcoming events:

  • Oct 16th 12-2pm DCIL Talent Tuesday - Data Science: Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab is hosting this event where you can meet industry and startup mentors who can help guide you in your future career plans.
  • Oct 16th 7pm CSSU Screening: Black Mirror: We’re going to be screening Black Mirror with popcorn so get some friends and come down to relax and enjoy some scary episodes.
  • Oct 17th 12-2pm CS Grad School Info Session BA2185: If you are interested in doing grad studies in CS join Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science Angela Demke Brown and Matt Medland, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream and Managing Director of Professional Programs (MScAC) for an in-depth info session on what Grad School is and how to make your application stand out.
  • Oct 18th 5pm - 6:30pm CSSU General Meeting: Read Item 1 on the news report.
  • Oct 23rd 6pm Ethics of AI Film Series WALL-E, Centre for Ethics, 200 Larkin Street: Personally WALL-E is one of my favorite films and if you have not seen it you should. The Center of Ethics is screening the film with Mark Kingwell from the Philosophy Department to talk about the Ethics of AI and how they apply in the film. For more info click here.

Tip of the week

You can SSH onto the teaching labs from your personal computer with your username and password. Click Here for details on how to set it up (Putty is brilliant for windows). This is really useful for when you need to run your code on the teach machines (for 2nd year and above courses where compiling and running C code on windows is a pain) without needing to be in the lab. For the veteran users who know that already, there are actually multiple servers that you can ssh into if the main one is really busy (really helps in high traffic times like when a CSC369 or CSC320 assignment is due or MATLAB). yelp and jwebb are the servers and all you need is to ssh into the regular teach.cs.toronto.edu and from there ssh (server_name), remember to use the machines responsibly.

  • If on the off chance that UOFT is ever closed, you can check the status of the campus at any time here.
  • We have updated and uploaded a new office code here feel free to give us some feedback!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback, feel free to email us, comment on the facebook/reddit post, or come to the CSSU to talk to us (or to this week’s General Meeting).

Have a great week!