Hi everyone,

It’s that time of the year to elect a new President, Vice-President, and Treasurer for the CSSU for the upcoming school year! Christina Chen will be the CRO presiding over the elections this year. The dates for this year’s election period are as follows:

  • Nomination Period: Wed March 15 - Tues March 21
  • Campaign Period: Wed March 22 - Wed March 29
  • Election Day: Wed March 29

In preparation for the elections, potential nominees should read and familiarize themselves with the CSSU Constitution.

Pay particular attention to the following sections of the Constitution:

  • Section 2.2: Roles of the Executive Council members
  • Section 1.2: Eligibility
  • Section 3: Elections

All subsequent election announcements will be made on the official CSSU Facebook group, as well as the Computer Science Facebook group, by the CRO.

Please direct all questions regarding election procedures to Christina Chen at xtina.chen@mail.utoronto.ca. cement with further details about the nomination period on the aforementioned Facebook groups. Good luck to all potential candidates!

Campaign rules:

  • Posters may not exceed standard letter size (8.5” x 11”)
  • Only one poster per candidate is permitted in the CSSU office. Candidates may not post this sign themselves, and should instead hand their poster to the CRO, or to another member of the CSSU council for the CRO to pick up
  • All other posters may only be posted on bulletin boards or other areas designated for flyers by Facilities and Services. This means no posters on walls, doors, windows, washroom walls, poles, garbage cans, trees, etc.
  • Do not remove or obstruct other posters that are current
  • No material that may be deemed inappropriate, discriminatory, or offensive. Keep it PG
  • No libel, slander, or harassment of other candidates
  • No campaigning or posting of campaign materials may take place before the start of or after the conclusion of the campaign period
  • No direct exchange of money or goods for votes
  • No soliciting for advance votes
  • Campaign must be in English

Any questions about these rules should be directed to the CRO. Candidates found to be in violation of the rules maybe reprimanded and/or disqualified, up to the CRO’s discretion. These rules may be modified by the CRO at any time throughout the campaign period.

** If you come across any violation of the campaign rules, please report to the CRO at xtina.chen@mail.utoronto.ca **

Hanchen Wang, CSSU President

Christina Chen, CRO