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The Arts and Science Students’ Union (ASSU) and the Computer Science Students’ Union (CSSU) have come together again to bring you an introductory workshop to User Interface and User Experience. This will be a 2 hour workshop with a 1 hour teaching component and a 1 hour hands on component where participants will create their own wireframes and recieve feedback.

What is UI/UX?

Beautiful software doesn’t just happen by accident. All of our favorite websites and apps were researched, designed and mocked up by User Interface Designers and User Experience Designers before the first line of code was even written.

Imagine the human body: the bones are the code, the UX is everything internal that makes the body function well, and UI is everything on the outside that makes the body look nice and appealing.

UI is focused on how a product looks and operates. This includes everything from designing the navigational flow of a website, to its visual design. UX however, takes that design and makes sure it resonates with users and showcases your product in the best possible light.

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Who should come to this workshop?

This workshop will cover the basics of UI and UX from the ground up, students with and without prior CS knowledge are both welcome. Non-CS students will get a better idea of how design fits into the software development lifecycle and how they can apply existing skills to UI/UX. Those with a background in CS will learn how to can improve the visual design and appeal of their software.

The workshop will be led by Henry Zhang, founder of Vobii () and software engineer at StackAdapt.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided, and computers will be available! Spots are limited so reserve your ticket ASAP on eventbrite.

See the Facebook event for more info.