To all incoming Computer Science Students at the St. George campus:

Welcome to Computer Science at the University of Toronto! Our program, ranked near the top of Computer Science programs worldwide grows each year with new prospective students! As such, the Computer Science Student Union (CSSU) is partnering with the Department of Computer Science (DCS) to give our new students a warm welcome with a special CS Frosh Day.

The transition into university can be daunting and stressful, so we specially designed this Frosh event to help smooth out the most abrupt and challenging aspects of university life. We hope that it will serve as a bridge towards familiarizing yourselves with your new environment, getting to know and connecting with new friends.

The CS Frosh will be held all-day on Saturday, September 10, starting at 10:30 AM, in the atrium of the Bahen Centre of Information Technology, located at 40 St. George Street.

All CMP1 (first year CS stream) students, and transfer students at the St. George Campus are welcomed to attend.

Upon arrival, each participant will be given a welcome package, foremost containing a detailed survival guide carefully crafted by the Frosh leaders. It contains important information regarding relevant campus facilities, academic advice, and key contacts in computer science.

Furthermore, the welcome package also includes a Frosh t-shirt for you to wear throughout the day, along with various other interesting items including custom stickers, puzzles, and accessories, all conveniently packaged in drawstring bag to help hold all these items as you participate in the day’s myriad of activities.

Activities include a course selection panel, an hour of code, how to succeed in the first year, tech talks from prominent co-op employers, and many more. As Frosh day activities will be held throughout the day, both lunch and dinner will be provided.

Lastly, there is wonderful opportunity for those who want to get more deeply involved with CS student life at the University of Toronto, as the CSSU is looking for eager volunteers to represent their peers among the wider student body. As CSSU Council Members, you will work with us on the general council and collaborate to drive a better experience for CS students.

We hope you have a great time at our Frosh event, and cherish the memories that will stay with you in the amazing years to come.

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Hanchen Wang,
President - CSSU