Come to BA1170 on April 8th from 12-2pm to Hear from some of the exiting class of the CS department at U of T.


(Announcing once confirmed)

Alexander Biggs

Interned at Uken Games and Won Best Overall Game at The Level Up Showcase, and general CS Guru

Leila Chan Currie

Stats and CS major with internships at Facebook and Google, the latter of which she will be working for Full Time, researched with profs, and co-authored a publication

Daphne Ippolito

Winner of the Level Up showcase, studied abroad, and now off to an internship at Google before getting her PhD in the USA

Natalie Morcos

CS + Philosophy double major, Landed awesome jobs despite poor grades, has been published, and part of organizations/outreaches

Chris Long

Switched into CS From math, now off to Simon Fraser for a Masters in CS (Big Data) and will be working at a startup in Waterloo

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