Do you LOVE to code? Looking for an exciting INTERNSHIP opportunity? Interested in making an IMPACT through technology? Discovery Series Toronto, in collaboration with BNOTIONS, is interested in UofT Computer Science talent!

BNOTIONS is the leading data, mobile and analytics innovation firm, and partner of choice for firms such as American Express, RBC and Ebay. You will have seen their products on Top 10 Made in Canada (App Store), Global Top 14 Apps of 2013 (Google Play) and winning at Facebook’s Innovation Competition 2014. Wearable tech, finance and healthcare are but some of the industries they cater to. Here’s the deal: BNOTIONS is looking for brilliant minds to join the team to further disrupt the business and tech space!

WHAT: Discovery Series Launch, featuring a keynote about an engineer’s role in the future of technology, amazing demos (including a Tesla+Android.Wear integration) and opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and professionals in the biztech space!

WHEN: Tues, Sept. 23; 5 – 8:30 PM

WHERE: Bahen Center for Information Technology If you see yourself working at one of Canada’s most youthful, innovative tech companies, bring your resumes, bring your passion and bring your talent. Discovery Series wants you to make your own discovery today.